Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hey it is becoming more and more obvious to me how clumsy I can be. The scary thing is it is not consistent. Over the past few years I have been in charge of taking thousands of hot Italian dishes to tables and drinks with minimal incidents. Sure everyone spills a drink or two when serving (and maybe once a dessert on a young girl in my first week that she ended up buying), but I have actually had dreams about dropping people's food on them which thank god, has never happened. Now I have dropped plates after the fact but that is a different story.

My point is, if I am not paying attention to little things now, I feel like a bull in a china closet. Just last night I partially walked into my bathroom door and stubbed my toe on a bag on the floor, all while brushing my teeth. Just now in school I was walking in the teacher break room and hit my funny bone on the refrigerator. And these are daily events most days.

Another thing that may not be classified as clumsy but is just plain dumb, is whenever I have a new bottle of beverage (usually water) I usually spill a little on my chin. This is like a 90% guarantee. I do not know, for someone that is halfway decent at pool, can hit a small golf ball hundreds of yards away as well stay on a moving treadmill for 20 minutes, you would think my coordination is up to par. These small things do not bother me, but do conclude that I am a little off-balance.

As for Irish news, I am helping some students organize the school's Arts Week in two weeks. Should be fun, more on that later.


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