Thursday, March 25, 2010

London Calling

Hey Easter Holiday trip is finally booked, well, sorta...I booked my there and back flights. Next Tuesday (March 30th) I will be leaving Kerry Airport outside of Killarney (about 45 minutes away) and flying into Luton Airport in London. Not exactly sure on how long I will stay but since I will know a few people in London, probably two nights there at least. My coming home flight is on Thursday, April 8th from Amsterdam to Dublin. That night I will spend a night in Dublin and will drive home with Lisa O'Shea who will be flying into Dublin from her holiday as well on Friday. Everything in between will be determined as I go although I have a rough plan. London, to Paris, then most likely to the Austrian-German border as I have a friend that lives in Kleinwalsertal, Austria and is a ski instructor. After the Easter weekend, I plan on hitting up either Prague or Brussels or both, and then finally Amsterdam (all by train). If you aren't familiar with Europe, my travel path will represent almost like a squished loop, ending back near the English Channel. We'll see what I have time for but my goal is to get around as cheaply as possible. So far for two flights, 150 Euro. The other goal is to see Europe and wherever I go, take pictures, don't get beat up, and have fun.

As far as school is concerned, I wrap up tomorrow teaching. This is always terribly sad times but I will be back for the first week after the break, just not teaching. So I haven't officially said goodbye to the teachers and students yet. Lots of young hearts will be broken...

Tomorrow I have a loaded schedule of classes and observations (as I have been sitting in on other teacher's history classes as part of my research. But hopefully this will allow for a quick day before a nice weekend resting up in Kenmare.

That is all for now,

Song of the day: 'The Galway Girl' by Steve Earle. An Irish favorite at the local pub on a Saturday night, I am sure you can hear this at least once a night at any dancing spot in Ireland on the weekends. The song is kind of addicting and now I am learning all the words so I can sing it when it comes on and not just be limited to singing 'Love Shack.'

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