Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goula's Travels

Hey yes, St. Patrick's Day in Ireland was fun but although it was technically on a Wednesday, kind of resembled any other weekend night out in Kenmare. I had a couple options to get out of town for the day but at the end of the day Ashley ('New American') and I walked around the town some more. It started off as a wonderful day and then clouds and rain came in and are still here a day later. It was actually kind of sad the weather turned out that way. However it did not stop me from catching some live music and hitting up the pubs. It was a nice day off from school and the divided week was 'savage.' The next couple weekends will be exciting as this there are birthdays, visitors, and Easter holiday trips. I also have been assured by many that Americans take the holiday way more seriously than the Irish actually do, so I hope y'all's was a nice day too.

I think I have finally decided on my Easter Holiday trip. I have two weeks off and being in Europe, how could I not take advantage of cheap fares for planes and trains (I didn't mean to rhyme). Initially my grandmother Joan hooked me onto this idea about a Eurail pass which is a set fee, and you can hop on just about any train and go to a number of European countries. This seems fit for exactly what I would do. Originally I just planned on London for a few days, and although I know a few people that will be there (including American friends Kathryn and Ashley from here), I feel as a sole traveler I can do whatever I want and that includes seeing as many places as possible. After talking to Justin and Bob on Tuesday night (local Irishmen), I am motivated to see many places. My plan is to travel to a number of European cities and spend a day (or less) in each one. I think I will fly to London and begin from there. As most of the major cities are close together, train travel times or no more than a couple hours a piece. Right now I am thinking, London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. However things could change and cities added on my European tour. Nothing is finalized yet but that is the plan.

Today is an easy day as it is Arts Week and all my classes are attending films, or workshops, or concerts in school. I really have no need to be here but there is supposed to be a local musician putting a concert on in school that is supposed to be pretty good. Google 'Mick Hanly' if interested.

Less than five weeks left and teaching responsibilities are winding down, time to enjoy Europe.

Happy recovery day,

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