Sunday, March 14, 2010

Matthew in Ireland

Hey sorry for the delay since the last blog. I will be sure to update more frequently with my time left, which now is just about 5 weeks left. This past week as well as the next two leading up to the Easter Holiday have been.will be busy but fun.

This week I remained pretty busy despite having a few less classes then the previous weeks. Tomorrow starts the school's Arts Week which I helped out with setting up this past week; like I mentioned handling the brochure design for the week's events. This coming week should be pretty fun with many events scheduled such as film showings, Irish dancing as well as a talent show on Friday. Being Ireland, we have Wednesday off for Patty's day and I am not sure on plans yet for that day.

Yesterday a few of us went to Cork for the day, which was nice. Cork for a 'bigger' city, is pretty convenient to get around. However the weather was kind of cloudy and we pretty much saw everything we wanted to see, so Kathryn and I saw Alice in Wonderland. I have to say, as someone who isn't a huge fan of Tim Burton, I was extremely impressed and into it. Not really having a good idea of what the entire story line was about, it was great to just not expect anything. Of course a matinee showing of a children's movie on a Saturday was probably not the smartest thing. I swear people were opening candy packages the entire time. Also although there was no crying, some parents are just completely fine with their children screaming and laughing and talking extremely loud like. I guess as long as they aren't crying it's all good. That combined with the teen girls behind us talking a little too much, made it kind of obnoxious. However I was so deeply concentrated on the movie to get rid of all the distractions I just got lost in Wonderland and it was really great. The scenery, costumes, music, and quirky characters were all really spectacular. A must see!

I didn't do much last night. I ended up napping at 7pm and decided to forget the alarm and ignore calls to go out and slept till 3am. Watched Mighty Ducks and went back to bed for a few hours. The Mighty Duck movies are amazing. Probably watching the second one tonight.

Anyway, nothing too exciting to talk about. This week should have more events happening as last week I was mainly busy with schoolwork for my students and for AU. However life is good...I'm in Ireland.


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