Friday, April 16, 2010

Final Weekend

Hey all...yesterday was a great day. Let me start by prefacing that this last week in Kenmare's Secondary School, I have been attending everyday, but I have been done teaching since before the Easter Holiday. This week I am focusing on finishing a little grading, my assignments for Auburn, and well, just getting other things done like posting pictures and such. Well since it wasn't absolutely necessary to attend every day, I blew off school yesterday for a day off with my friend Liz. Liz has become a good friend as she works at the local gym that I go to, and she has been a great addition to many, of good friends I have acquired in Kenmare. We went golfing yesterday morning with her Dad, traveled to Cork for some shopping, I then got back for two hours of getting soccer balls kicked extremely hard into my gut, and then finished with a nice home-cooked dinner before calling it a night.

Golf was good. Although it wasn't Scotland, golf in Ireland has something I had wanted to do and I finally got the opportunity. We ended up playing I think only 8 holes, but it was enough to scratch the itch that I had been having to golf. Ever since I moved to Auburn, I haven't been golfing more than a couple times a summer because of my busy schedule, despite being in close proximity to some of the nicest courses the United States has to offer. Golf can also be expensive too. So I am hoping to take advantage of no classes during this summer for the first time in years combined with working full-time and getting paid for the first time in about 9 months, will allow me to play at least once every week or two. That is the goal anyway.

Soccer was good although as I hinted above, I felt like every soccer ball that was kicked was aimed at some part of my body. It's okay, that also made me motivated to get fit soccer style to play indoor soccer once again when I get back into AL. Although my skills are far from decent, I love being active in that sense and look forward to it. I held my own despite again playing on the 'Old Guys' team as we competed against some fast high school kids.

Today me along with two other Irish student teachers in Kenmare, are having our last day in the school. I actually have to finish some last minute grading which I am about to start on, but we were all honored with some nice comments and a cake of course during the break in the morning. All the teachers here have been extremely welcoming from day one. I will have more on this at a later point. However, no matter what I end up doing in the future, just being able to have this experience I think has been worthwhile in anything I do.

Time to get focused, as I have a busy last weekend in Kenmare.


Song of the day: 'I Will Follow You Into the Dark' by Death Cab For Cutie. A great song although a little sad, does not quite accurately reflect my someone cheerful attitude and overall mood in Ireland, is a good listen that makes me think a lot about people lost in the past and how at the same time, the future has a lot to offer.

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