Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey I am just writing to tell you all that I am alive. Got to Prague this afternoon and after a little exploring and some dinner, will be heading back out shortly. So far this Easter holiday has been truly amazing and I will have detailed blogs of my trip through London, Brussels, the Alps in Austria, and finally with Prague and Amsterdam this week. I get back Thursday into Dublin and probably will end up back in Kenmare sometime Friday. The weather has been great after leaving windy, rainy and cold London. However the people and places I have come across in the last week really has truly motivated me to accomplish different things on a number of levels. More on that later as for now, things are great and the more and more I live this journey, the more I realize how truly blessed I am and always have been. I also realize that when my time is up in Europe, I will be extremely excited to be back in the States. As for Europe, it will not be 'goodbye' but rather, 'see you later.'

I currently have some internet access at Miss Sophie's Hostel in Prague. Very simply, people here are nice so far and because of a few extremely helpful individuals, I was able to make a hostel reservation and have my own bed within an hour upon arrival. Time to go explore as I feel Prague and Amsterdam on Wednesday will have some great stories for me to tell by the weekend.


Song of the day: My ipod is just about dead and I have not found an adaptor yet that works with the countries I have been in. Oh well..

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