Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey I am not like many people and totally despise packing. In fact I kind of like it and often see it as a game to pack as much crap as I can possibly fit into a bag. However, this trip to Ireland like many of my trips, I have packed too much. You think with enough practice with my many travels I would have gotten better (actually I like to think I have). However, Ireland was a whole new thing for me obviously and being a different culture, I packed anything I could possibly need for all occasions when it comes to school dress, weather and seasons, other elements, etc. I actually did need a bunch of different things although because of my lack of ambition in ironing, ended up wearing the same 3-4 wrinkle free shirts and pair of jeans to work everyday. I even have mailed back a box of clothes no bigger than I would say a small TV and it cost me 60 Euro. And of course I also bought and acquired many things which add to the mess. However I tell you all of this because in my break of packing, I felt like I needed to blog about packing so I don't go nuts.

My flight for Wednesday I am almost kind of positive that I may be possibly flying out, hopefully; meaning and excuse my language, I have no f*ing idea. I continue to read articles about how Transatlantic flights will be okay from Ireland even though Shannon Airport and Aer Lingus continue to cancel all flights out of Ireland (right now only through today). Of course airlines are not going to cancel too far in advance although it seems it could be that way for the rest of the week. Apparently for once the British Isles, Scandinavia, and Northern Europe have no major weathering patterns or storms to push the volcanic ash out of the way and although Ireland remains sunny and beautiful, apparently volcanic ash just sits in a heap above much of Europe not moving anytime soon. Sometimes I think my flight will get out Wednesday but then I read other things and I lose a little hope. Really I won't know until the day of and I will not be sure until I am on a plane and somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever happens happens, I just want to get home by the weekend.

Think happy thoughts and be a happy person,

'You Can Call Me AL' by Paul Simon. I literally danced all around my house to this alone this morning. Enjoy. In other news, picked up some good traditional Irish music I can share with ye'all later.
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  1. My favorite part of this...the reason for the tune. Oh...and the term ye'all.