Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey I sit trying to finish up my ethnography I am writing on Ireland, I can't help my amazement for how fast time goes by. I have been like that this whole semester. Especially when I was teaching mainly in January, February, and March, I felt like the weeks bled into each other and one month teaching was nothing. So I can't believe just a week ago I was packing and getting ready to leave Kenmare, for the first time.

Tomorrow I will head up to Shannon Airport just past Limerick and probably copy my last Tuesday routine of a couple pints somewhere, a Dominos pizza (or three) with my friend Liz and a night at a very nice but still overly priced hotel room that if it is anything like last week, will not have any working internet connection and I will have to again, go the Airport itself to check to see the status of my flight. This time around I expect different results.

This weekend was another great weekend in Kenmare. I enjoyed seeing some of the people I have gotten to know one last time. You can tell with the nice Spring weather, this town is starting to get ready for its tourism boom and although I am sure will be great craic, I will be ready to leave it all behind in just a couple short days; although not with a little sadness.

Last night I had a great talk with some of my friends that were nice enough to let me crash with them for the week. I talked a lot about upcoming weddings I cannot wait to attend, possible career paths to take, as well as my fun-packed and exciting times ahead in CT and AL. It made me think about family members of past and present and how I love nothing more than to be reunited with family and friends of old and new despite what things have taken place in our lives. As I have tended to say a lot in the past couple years, things that happen usually have some sort of blessing in disguise and being reunited with all sides of my family is one of those blessings I continually cherish and look forward to. Maybe it is just the Spring weather but not only do I feel really lucky to have what I do, but it makes me more happy every day that I enjoy on this planet.

On Wednesday I hope to write my final blog from Irish soil as I wait for my flight to Boston. Until then, enjoy your week, I know I have.


'Punch' by Lunasa. I couldn't leave Ireland without getting some good traditional Irish music. This band is one of my favorites so far.

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