Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Showers

School this week was not too bad as I finally got to get in front of most of my classes and run the show as well as get to know the kids. Most of my classes are with first years who although a little talkative, are really an entertaining and intelligent group. I have the luxury of teaching about Haiti, the Renaissance, the Sea and Maps which gives me a variety. However, it gives me a lot of material I have to read about to keep ahead of the students.

The past few nights I have gotten to explore the town a little, but nothing too exciting. Tonight I may play soccer but it is the first rainy day of the week so that might cancel it. However, I meet more and more people everyday which really has been a great experience. This weekend may involve a trip to Cork on Saturday (hopefully laptop in hand) but will most likely result with just a relaxing weekend in Kenmare.

That is all for now really. Wednesday and Thursday are my easier days but tomorrow will be a full schedule before the weekend. Looking forward to are you?


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