Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey all...this was just told to me...

"So I couldn't tell you this yesterday because I just found out but in your Humanities class with your Transitions Years last two classes today there will be a guest speaker. You are more than welcome to come in but you do not have to"-that last part had an added smile on Ms. Kelliher's face. I guess I will just have to go home early now, ohhhhhh well.

I actually am not too excited about this, so don't judge. My Humanities class is definitely my most fun and interesting class; however, it is my most unpredictable. Transition Year students do a lot of different projects for the school and are very often, out of class last minute. I only meet with them once a week but they are working on an exciting project for me at the moment so I am sure they can use more time. I guess this is okay.

So today we finally got some rain after pretty much two weeks straight of sunshine...I almost thought this wasn't Ireland.

I have been annoying some of my friends here with my uncanny ability to relate everything in life to one of a few things, mainly a scene from a Scrubs episode (however this might also include Friend's, The Office, Arrested Development and Dane Cook references). I take pride in my strong Scrubs knowledge acquired during hundreds of hours of repeats of episodes. So it was only necessary to buy Scrub's Music, Vol. 2 yesterday. This is a must have, Scrubs has great music and this CD rocks. Ok I am done with that, let me know if you want a copy.

I need to mail out some goodies and get some work done today and tomorrow. However, the first two seasons of Prison Break do not help this. I am almost done watching the first season (again). You know when you watch a show over that you saw years ago? It's great because you enjoy it again but do not remember everything at the same time so part of it is a mystery...it's the best.

Anyway, lots to do and I am motivated. I kind of feel I bounced around a lot during this post and I apologize, just been thinking about a lot too. The more I think about my inattention to just one topic of focus further solidifies my self-diagnosis that I am ADHD. I am sort of kidding and sort of not.

Thanks for bearing with me on this one, cheers.


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