Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey all...this week and upcoming weekend starts a little time where I will actually be able to tour some parts of Ireland. Monday night I was able to get a ride back down to Cork again (sort of last minute) to spend the day and night there Tuesday all day. Tuesday was a parent-teacher day at school and I really did not have to be there so I got a ride with Vince to Cork. Vince teaches in Kenmare everyday but Tuesday so it worked out with the rides and sleeping accomodations. Tuesday I was finally able to get my laptop to the only place that can officially work and fix Macs. That did not take long to drop it off and I spent the rest of the day biking and exploring Cork. Wednesday morning we drove back as it was back to school...because I am not a fool...

The issues with the computer are as follows. After bringing it to two people and a couple phone calls, repairs could end up being costly enough where I may have to just get a new one. Today I found out that a couple parts are needed to have the Mac charge itself as that was not happening, but they also got the main board working. After a few hundred Euro, I should have the machine sometime this weekend or next week I hope. However, it is possible the board will not last forever or even for that long which will result in hundreds more needed to be spent. I think I will have an operating laptop within a few days. Moral of the story, Macs are very sensitive so pleeeease buy your's some flowers and the warmest, most water-proof case you can find.

The last few days have been gorgeous with sun although a little cold. I think I may attempt soccer tonight for the first time in a while which could be dangerous.......for whoever gets in my way! Heyyyooo...that combined with a Friday of fun classes I am planning for will lead right into a good week off from school.

Last night Kathryn and I roughly planned our trip next week. Tomorrow Courtney comes into Ireland and after picking her up with a car I am about to rent, we'll be spending a couple nights in Kenmare then touring the western part of Ireland....Kenmare, Killarney, Dingle, Galway and possibly back down to Cork before returning the car on Friday. Hopefully lots of pictures and stories for that trip will follow. I will update the next week or so as much as I can.

Time to go book the car and get incredibly sore. Miss you. War eagle!

MG (From Ireland)

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