Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey today I played football-somewhat successfully-for the second time since I have been here. The first time was a couple weeks ago and I was proud to say I did not embarrass myself too much. Football, being soccer of course. Tonight there was a light rain part of the night but the sky was clear and it did not take long to warm up. It felt good getting some exercise other than what a gym has to offer. It doesn't matter what kind of shape anyone is in, soccer is tough.
The group I play with is a mixture of students younger than me, as well older dudes too. One of the kids asked me yesterday if I was playing again, and I told him I would most likely. I also said I hadn't played in a while so I may be a little rusty still. He assured me I wasn't that bad, for an American...

Tomorrow starts another weekend in Kenmare. Pretty soon I will be planning an Easter Holiday trip and I have been thinking London, among other things. All of Europe is so close it would be a waste to not take advantage of being so close to the variety of cultures around here.

I haven't been watching the Olympics too much...I usually like to although I am more of a Summer Olympic fan. But I switched it on and the only thing that I have watched like three nights this week is Cross-Country Skying. Really?! I got spoiled one of the first nights I turned it on because my boy Apolo Ohno was on and snuck away with a silver-I love short track-but since then it has been many things I have not been into. Oh well....maybe I can catch the end of Women's Figure Skating, if I'm lucky.

One more annoyance: as I sit here and get some work done and catch up on schoolwork, like normal I usually have the TV on although I do not always pay attention to it. But what is the deal with Lost? I know I have missed the last couple seasons but it just isn't the same anymore. You think I would learn the fact that I get excited and then let down every Thursday night but nope, I am just too hopeful and like clockwork, sit down with dinner right @ 9pm. Man I just realized I have been talking a lot about TV. Time to move on.

Despite my criticisms, life is good. A lot of exciting things to look forward to in 2010 and it only gets better everyday. If you are in or around Southeastern Connecticut tomorrow (2/26), please wish my beautiful Momma happy birthday. She popped all ten pounds of me out no sweat so she deserves it, love you! (Maybe a little sweat).

Have a good weekend,

P.S. Probably no more texts and calls to the States while I am away, unless it is an emergency or you are extremely good looking.

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