Monday, February 1, 2010

Dublin Weekend

Hey all...this weekend I made it up to Dublin, late Friday night. Kathryn and I took a train from Killarney to Dublin and got there around 9:30. By the time we got to the Kathryn's friend's house it was enough time to stop at Eddie Rockets and grab a pint at the local pub. Yes, Eddie Rockets is the Irish clone of Johnny Rockets and is pretty much the same from the logo to the food; just Eddie is the Rocketman in this case. Stephen and Kim (whom we stayed with) were very nice and accommodating and had two setter/golden retriever puppy mixes who were fun to play with of course..

Saturday was our day to tour Dublin and although a little cooler, was a nice day with sun all weekend. We got into the city center midday and pretty much hung around Grafton St. which had a lot going on for a saturday. Musicians, mimes and other beings lined the streets. Of course as soon as I got off the Luas (tram), I immediately found the nearest H&M but refrained from buying everything until my next trip; I know, I was impressed too. In the nearby shopping centre, going to the toilet cost 20 cents. Other things that amazed me about the mall area were the similarities but not exactly the same stores and restaurants like Eddie Rockets. For instance, Tk Maxx as well as Supermacs were very close connections to the American ones. However, pictures (I know they are coming!), will show you the subtle differences that make me laugh. There were plenty of McDonald's and Burger Kings in Dublin as well.

Bonnie and Megan from Auburn were traveling Europe this past week and we met up Saturday and hit up the Guinness Storehouse later on. The museum-like building was 7 floors that ascended into the final floor known as the Gravity Bar. Up there you get your ticket for your free pint and can see most of Dublin. With the sun setting the sight was amazing. The displays and going through the process of the Guinness creation was interesting as well....the Irish certainly take their Guinness seriously.

Later on that night after dinner, i met some more Irish folks that came over to the house we were staying and hung around until going to Club 92 later on that night. I was a little rusty, but I managed to dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning. Definitely was a busy and great saturday.

Sunday Kathryn and I made it to the O2 concert hall where we saw 'We Will Rock You.' The three-hour musical is based on Queen's music and the music itself was amazing. The story line was a little out there but I think in a way, it just proved how unique, creative and absolutely insane Queen's music really is. Also, I think the show in a way, embraced and made fun of it while continuing to reference pop and rock stars and songs of old and new. One of the male 'Bohemians' was named Britney Spears (just to give an example). I had heard on Sunday that Brian May (original member of Queen) would be playing...he came out during the finale, and played the guitar solo to Bohemian Rhapsody while the rest of the members sang and danced. It was truly amazing. I wish Freddie was still around. Queen has always been my favorite and after that, always will be.

After some dinner and a late train getting us back into Kenmare around 11:30, it was a goodnight sleep to conclude the weekend. Today I officially started with my two geography classes along with a few others beginning this week, will be a fun week. I also managed to get asked if a) I had a girlfriend and 2), could a few girls be my girlfriend. I was flattered....but did I mention they were first years (13-14 years old)? Haha ummm....but all the kids are sweet and funny so it made it a good Monday.

Irish Translations:

'Lift'-Ride (in a car)
'Petrol'-Gas(for a car)
'Half 7'-7:30(time)
More to come...

Just ate, so I am full enough to go grocery shopping. Cheers and have a good week.


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