Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mars Bars

Hey all....okay so things are ALMOST coming together. I moved into my new place which is pretty easy when you can get a ride from a friend and only have a few bags. Dennis my roommate, is pretty cool like I said. I am pretty much the same distance from town but only 5 minutes from the Supervalu (cheap groceries) and the school, which is nice.

Today was an easy day at school. Unlike most schools in the States, you can come in late and/or leave early if your classes are done with. This week I have not picked up the full load but Wednesdays and Thursdays will be somewhat light for me. Hopefully I can get most of my planning done at this time which has been going good so far. I know I have mentioned my schedule but basically for the next few weeks I will have two Geography classes with first years(7th grade) and one Hist/Geog class with fourth years (10th grade). Also I will be splitting time with three different first-year History classes. It shouldn't be too bad but like I said, it will be good experience with a variety of teachers and students.

I didn't get to Cork last night but I did manage to give my computer to Lisa's daughters to bring in to get worked on. Hopefully I will have more on that soon.

So tomorrow immediately after school Kathryn and I are getting a ride to Killarney (about 45 minutes away) and heading by train to Dublin. It should be a good weekend and because I will probably have even more limited internet I will just plan on being online again on Monday. Kathryn has friends in Dublin and two of my friends from Auburn will be there times.

So I learned Cadbury has a factory somewhere close here....I didn't realize it was an Irish brand? This could explain the numerous Cadbury Cream Eggs I have consumed even though it is only January. They are everywhere. Also, the store I am in now I just bought a Mars bar which I am pretty sure doesn't exist in the States anymore.....anyway, I am thinking about getting a second. It is a good thing it is like 5 kilometers round trip to the school and gym that I walk everyday.

That is all, till Monday....


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