Sunday, January 17, 2010


Matt Goula
c/o Sheila Calahane
River Park, Killarney Rd.
Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Sorry for the delay on this. I know, no numbers is weird but this should be correct. After a late night all I managed to do was to go to the gym today. However, tomorrow I will be back in the school and probably just observing for a few days. Should be fun. Last night I went out with some new Irish friends and we had a good time. Effe's which is the Turkish food place I was referring to in another post, is like Taco Bell. Open late and delicious food. Anyway, just felt like sharing that. I have a lot to do tomorrow so I think I will be going and watching some more American Idol. Those New Englanders are making me proud, haha...


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