Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok so I have to run and I will write more this weekend or tomorrow possibly if I have time, but I have my tentative full schedule for the next 8 weeks. Pretty amazing that between the week off in February and two weeks off for Easter in April, I will be done with all my teaching by the end of March, in only about two months. I will be teaching some courses the first four weeks, some the second four weeks and some all eight weeks. There are a lot of opportunities but most of my teaching will be with first year (7th grade) Geography as well as younger levels of History and Civil, Social, and Political Education classes with possibly room for some mentoring of students behind in their classes.

Tuesday night I went to dinner with Kathryn from UGA, who is staying in Kenmare but teaching outside the town. It was a good time and it was fun to learn of a new American in this small town even though she had heard about me this weekend already. Tonight I am going to dinner at Lisa's house who is the American English teacher here in Kenmare and has been very nice (like everyone) and helpful with my stay. Really she is just the tip of the care and concern for every teacher and other Irish soul in this town that looks out for how I am adjusting and doing. After dinner, it may be time for a few pints.

This weekend I will be hanging out here, but possibly Dublin next weekend as well as Cork sometime within the week. Hopefully there I will have a place for the Mac to get fixed. I have to go shower before dinner with the teachers. This next week is very exciting. I hope all is well.


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