Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey was a good day at school. I met some more teachers, met and talked with the COST coordinator for Ireland and sat in on a couple classes. The COST coordinator who basically is just responsible for getting my placement and is available in case I need anything, was a real nice guy. At this time the Principal, along with many of the teachers who are familiar with Mr. Burns (coordinator) sat down with us too. It was really cool because although the Principal and Vice Principal are super busy, they both make time out to make sure I get situated and just to talk to me the two days I have been there so far. I am not sure about classes yet, but I will probably be taking over history, geography or civics classes in the near future. I shall know more tomorrow.

Lisa (the American teacher) let me sit in her English class while they were discussing Afghanistan which was not only interesting, but probably information I could use more knowledge on. She has been probably been the most helpful and she invited me and some others to dinner this week and I may also take a trip one afternoon with her to Cork which is about 45 minutes away and a pretty cool smaller city in the Southern part of Ireland. Also made friends with the music teacher today along with some others....Nothing against Opelika High School where I did my student teaching last semester, but this one-on-one time with the Principal and having been introduced to most of the teachers the first day was something I wasn't used to. Don't get me wrong, the Opelika High staff was very nice and accommodating but the camaraderie I have felt since entering Kenmare Community School has been great.

Looks like I am going to have to call Apple for the laptop issue, so I will be trying to get online as much as possible in the next week or two without it. May try and get to Dublin in the next weekend or two to visit some American friends but also the Queen musical, 'We Will Rock You' is could that not be a good time?

Talk soon,

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