Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good day

Hey all...when I was at the gym, Judge Judy was on...three different channels. I guess Irish TV is lacking. However, today was a good day at school. I observed with a few classes, mostly second years which would translate into 7th graders, roughly. One history class was going over the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution which was convenient since I just got done teaching that this past semester. That class also gave me a round of applause when I introduced myself although I am sure it was mostly to drag out time...

I will most likely be teaching at least a couple Geography classes it looks like this semester. Students have either the choice to pick Geography OR History for their schoolwork and I am pretty excited because I think Geography is underrated and I think I could have some fun with it. Also I might have some options to teach History classes, Humanities (Geography and History combined) and this class CSP (Civic, Social and Political Education) or mostly like Civics in the states. That would also be super fun as I went through the text this morning and looked like it had lots of options. Also one teacher Dianne, who might be giving me her two Geography classes, also has a class that is strictly case studies in which we basically pick what we want to teach and I might have that. Whatever the case, I have a lot of options and probably will be finalized tomorrow on what course(s) I will be teaching. It looks like I could have short stints teaching them all over the next few months. Very cool and looking forward to it.

Have to run, about to go to dinner with another American......from UGA.....;) More on that later.


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