Friday, January 15, 2010

Kilograms to pounds

Hey all...So I went to the school today which I thought would be my first full day. However the Principal (who when he first saw me yesterday called me 'Matt from America' referring to my last post)...was not here today. He actually invited me to Dublin yesterday afternoon with all the 'First Years' for some science competition....maybe I should have accepted. I hung out in the teacher's lounge for half the way getting to know new teachers. Every time I met one of them I got a greeting that made me feel like I knew them all my life and that I was welcome anytime, which was nice to hear. The Deputy Principal talked to me a little but she was a little busy being the one in charge and also having a broken wrist, so I left early after she said 'you can come and go here as you please.' I'll take that with a grain of salt.

Most of next week will be observing and looking at the different options. The school purposely has not assigned me a teacher yet because they wanted to see my interests and maybe who would best fit my personality. One teacher who is the American teacher from Boston originally, took me under her wing and teaches English but offered to have me sit in on an introductory lesson on Afghanistan before reading the Kite Runner on Monday. I like how relaxed the setting is so far and all the teachers show up with no negative attitudes or dramatic stories, and they all seem to get along and enjoy doing what they are doing. I know its Friday but I have a feeling it is always like this. Everyone did not take long to know me by name.

Address coming REAL soon I promise. Thanks for the emails and addresses. Tonight I will probably hit up one of the pubs later but until then, avoiding the rain and going to the gym again which is why at the moment i am currently looking up kilograms/pounds and kilometers/miles converting charts. Why can't we all be on one system?


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