Thursday, January 14, 2010

Matt, from America

Hey was a pretty nice day today for my standards.....however i now know it is still too cold for this area even though it is not below freezing until really late at night. last night i had the first person to outright ask me if I was American and she was Chinese.....working at a Turkish food joint. Just a few hours ago I went to the school I will be teaching at. I met the Principal and Deputy (Vice?) Principal and the Secretaries. I did not stay for long and I am going in tomorrow for my first full day. However, I now know the teacher break room is open late and I should be able to if need be, be online till like 11 or 12 since the school is open late for whatever reason. So i might be able to skype after all.

Joined a gym today. It's got a pool. Going there now.

Address is coming soon.



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